Friday April 22, 2005

NIN is losing to Elvis Presley in the UK charts.

If you're living in the United Kingdom and haven't picked up the single, please try to before Sunday, even if you're just buying it from iTunes (or MSN's UK music shop, or Napster UK, the Island Records download shop, or whatever) because it would kind of suck to lose out to a guy who's been dead for several decades.

Also, several people have reported that the single for The Hand That Feeds has been marked as deleted in HMV computers... all these special versions are for the first two weeks only, and were a one-off batch. After they're sold out, the two-track slimline CD single will be the only version available.

At the midweeks, The Hand That Feeds was at #3, behind some twat who's been on the charts for ages, and with an Elvis Presley song at #1. It'd be really cool if we could make the last stretch there, and foil this absurdity! Apologies to the Digital Noise crew, heehee.