Sunday April 17, 2005

NIN at Large

We have received numerous reports of a commercial featuring The Hand That Feeds airing on late night television. Sightings include Comedy Central and Adult Swim (Cartoon Network), and have occurred over the past 3 weeks. Keep an eye out! Thanks to Darkmoogle and everyone else who sent this in.

Chris F. sent us an article from the May issue of Orkus. Unfortunately my German skills are not quite up to some of the more complex constructions. If you have a translation of the article, please drop me a line.

Here is the article.

Some interesting tidbits: TR is basically broke, with nothing left from the touring and records. He hopes for 20 to 30 million dollars in back-payment from Malm. There are some pretty choice words about how he feels he was handled (if I read that right). Also, he was afraid to release an playful 80's synth-pop track like Only because it might not sound tough enough, and people would laugh at him. In fact, the whole "Prince of Darkness" image is basically washed-up, and now, rather than trying to live up to an impossible, dangerously ill and unhappy image, Reznor is doing only what pleases him.

Speaking of Only, we've received a link to what I can only hope is the video for the next single, Only... directed (and possibly produced) by BLu PaTaTo. Warning, it does contain about 45 seconds of the song Only, if you're avoiding spoilers. Perhaps this is why Mr. Reznor was previous afraid of releasing such a song?