Saturday April 16, 2005

Speaking of the GarageBand files...

Hey there, Windows, *NIX, and old Mac users! The raw AIFF files from the The Hand That Feeds GarageBand project are now available via this torrent file.

Unlike the GarageBand project, these AIFF files aren't arranged, and you'll have to find your own program to use them with. If you have no idea where to start, check out Audacity (free) or ACID (free to try with 10 tracks, not free for more). If you want or need to convert them to WAV, I recommend Winamp and its Disk Writer output.

If you need a BitTorrent client, you can find one here. For help with BitTorrent, please read this FAQ. For details about how to extract the files yourself, see this post on ETS. Windows remix advice and questions are here, while you can find some actual remixes of THTF right here!

Stay tuned for more details on the Hotline remix competition!