Friday April 15, 2005

Remix Contest

Okay, I personally enjoy a good fan remix. The whole reason I started making my first NIN website was to distribute my *really crappy* fan remixes of NIN songs in Screamtracker format.

Now everyone has access to what amounts to a Pro-Tools multitrack dump of The Hand That Feeds, a current single from an album that hasn't been released yet. That's really fucking cool. And I want you to try and do something interesting with those files.

I'll write up something more formal later, but what this will amount to is that in coordination with Echoing the Sound, I'd like to have a remix contest. I'm going to regret it, I know. I'm counting on the community at Echoing the Sound to help filter the good from the bad. I'm thinking of leaving it open for two weeks.

Preliminary first prize will be a 12" promo of The Hand That Feeds, featuring three Photek remixes, and the album version, along with a shiny new With Teeth promo poster, and maybe some stickers. And maybe I can dig up some more stuff.

This is just something to think on at the moment, do not email me about details yet -- just work on making a good remix. And keep an eye out here for more info later.