Thursday April 14, 2005

Official Online US Pre-Order (Updated twice)

Official online preordering of With Teeth is available at MusicToday, announced via NIN's MySpace page, of all unholy places. Expect an official website update soon.

Click here to head on over to the pre-order page.

Dualdisc and Standard CDs are available on their own, and also in bundles with WITH_TEETH t-shirts, and a picture disc of The Hand That Feeds. Pretty slick.

Options (All prices in USD):

  • Standard: $11.99
  • Dualdisc: $13.48
  • Standard + T-Shirt: $31.99
  • Dualdisc + T-Shirt: $33.48
  • Dualdisc + T-Shirt + Picture Disc: $41.47

Standard shipping (arrival on or after the release date) runs 4-10 bucks, depending on what's being shipped. Priority shipping (guaranteed arrival on the release date) runs about double. The presale is being handled by MusicToday, which also did the majority of the club tour presales. Notable: there is no vinyl, there is only CD...

Thanks to Russianguns of ETS and xNoblexWolfx for bringing this to our attention.

UPDATE: The difference in cover color between the standard CD and the Dualdisc is a mistake on the pre-order page, though there will be some subtle differences between the two covers. However, the color of the Standard and Dualdisc cover will be the same, and the page will probably be fixed to reflect this.

Another extra tidbit is that the vinyl picture disc is halo_18 v2, as opposed to the regular vinyl (halo_18 v).

UPDATE 2: Shipping costs updated, and please note that the site says "International Orders Are Not Allowed."