Tuesday April 12, 2005

Vote for NIN every god damn where. KTS update.

You may notice that that we have some changing text underneath the navigation now. I haven't put together a nice display for the data, and I haven't made a master list yet, but I have created a database of about 30 radio and tv stations that you can contact and request the new NIN track. The better that The Hand That Feeds does on these things, the more news you're likely to see here, and so forth. It just plain helps. So if you've got some time to kill, and visit this site more than a couple times a day, take some of that free time to vote for The Hand That Feeds in whatever market pops up there.

I'd appreciate it, thanks. Stay tuned this week as we've got an exclusive interview with Carre' Callaway, who opened the first three NIN shows in half a decade, alone on stage with a guitar and an amp. A lot of people have been asking about her, I've heard all kinds of nice things about her, and Paul's actually interviewed her, and I have to put it into a nice layout and post it.

Also, I just sent an email to the winner of the Know the Score contest. I'll be sending emails out to the rest of the folks who entered in the next 24 hours, so I can find out where to send stuff to, and to ask about distributing certain tracks. It was tough narrowing down the finalists, there were some really beautiful entries. From harps to pianos and acoustic guitars, there was definitely more instruments involved than I initially expected to see.