Friday April 8, 2005

More on the German Eins Live show

Ingo Schmoll, the host of the KULTKOMPLEX show (which will feature the Trent interview next week) wrote in with some great news. The interview was actually pre-recorded on Thursday, April 7th... Schmoll interviewed Trent for about 45 mintutes and he was friendly and very open. "He told me a lot of intimate stuff so this is gonna be interesting."

The final interview will be dubbed in German and cut into 4 pieces that will be broadcast between 9pm - 10pm. Because I pre-recorded it yesterday, you won't be able to see Trent in the webcam, but here's something special for all the visitors of your site. I will put the whole interview on my web page www.schmollywood.de by the end of next week in two versions with and without German dubbing. The questions will still be German even in the non dubbed version , but all his answers will be undubbed.

Huge thanks to Ingo for going the extra mile there! Stay tuned :)