Friday April 8, 2005

Unifying the Radio Blitz, Know The Score update

As you've noticed we've posted links to radio request pages here and there to try and get NIN played on the radio more often. Someone recommended this idea to me -- and I'll credit them when I get home and can reference the email -- that on the With Teeth page above, we can list links to request information for radio stations and TV channels around the globe.

If you listen to your local station and want to try and get NIN played on there more, email theninhotline@gmail.com with instructions on how to vote for The Hand That Feeds, whether it's as simple as clicking a radio button, or sending an email to some email address, or whatever it takes. I'll collect that information and put it online in such a way that should hopefully help out the cause.

The winner of the Know the Score contest will be announced this weekend. We got about a dozen entries, I've listened to them all a number of times, I'm ready to make the tough decision. So keep your eyes peeled. Thanks to everyone who entered!