Thursday April 7, 2005

NIN Spotting

Nine Inch Nails is listed as number 94 in the Rolling Stone 100 Immortals (Greatest Artists of All Time). He was nominated by David Bowie. Thanks to everyone who sent it in, and Stacey for the link.

In other print news, we've received a report that there will be an interview with Mr. Reznor in the Sunday (April 10th) edition of the LA Times Calendar section. Keep an eye out, Los Angelinos, or whatever you're called. Thanks to David P for the notice.

And finally, if you're willing to brave the horrific Flash monstrosity that is CD:UK, they are having a competition for two vinyl box sets. It's phrased as "limited edition 9 inch Vinyl Box Sets of their singles back catalogue", whatever that means. It is only available to UK residents, per their terms. Go to CD:UK's website, let the horrible Flash load, click on "competitions" in the menu at left, then "nine inch nails" (about the middle of the list), then enter the competition, then email their web team and tell them to design a sane website.

(Please note harassing their web team may get your contest entry thrown out.)