Tuesday April 5, 2005

Poll Call: NIN is losing to Theory of a Dead Man

Radio CFOX has NIN in second place to a band called Theory of a Dead Man. We must smash!

Here we have NIN lgarnering fewer votes than Papa Roach. Papa Roach. Certainly, this must be remedied.

There are tons of these kinds of things, if you're bored. Some are click-button easy, some require you to send an email. All help.

52-48 in favor of Weezer at the moment, and FatAndy asked us to help out with that. So please vote, but don't be abusive. *UPDATE* -- Now it's 88% NIN, 12% Weezer. That was really, really quick.

Also, NIN will be on MTV2 Europe's Gonzo show on Wednesay at 9pm. In some time zone. To welcome the new band to the show, why not vote for NIN in the NME charts. You know you wanna. Thanks to John O'Callaghan and Brok3n!