Tuesday April 5, 2005

All the U that's fit to K

Just a little reminder, Trent Reznor is reportedly hosting the Radio 1 Rock Show this evening. A live stream is available from that page. If Mr. Reznor does the same thing the QOTSA did, he will be programming the two hour block of music, and chiming in as it pleases him. Should be quite a good listen! It is scheduled to air at 1AM BST, which makes it 8PM EDT and 5PM PDT. For a little date help, just create a personal world clock, or learn some arithmetic. If you can't catch the show when it is broadcast, the shows are archived at the link above.

In other UK news, another Astoria review is available from the Independent. huntermc noticed a nice preorder deal (8.49GBP) on With Teeth, with bonus tracks, but beware, the details are light. Simon passed along a pretty nice bundle (6GBP) of the three formats of THTF... though it's not clear how it relates to the official release.

As for the recently reported, too good to be true month-early Japanese import release of With Teeth, the listing on amazon.co.uk can no longer be ordered. Further, Owen, who got his order in a while ago, is reporting a scheduled ship date of May 7th for his order.