Monday April 4, 2005

*UPDATED* How do you get all the teeth in the world?

UPDATE 13:07PM EST: We've received notice that Amazon has discontinued the listing below. It still shows up as released, but when added to the shopping cart the following message comes up: "We're sorry. The item With Teeth is no longer available from the seller you selected. We've moved it to the Saved Items section of your Shopping Cart."

Amazon.co.uk is listing the Japanese import of With Teeth as being available today, and that it ships in two to three days.

Beware, this is probably not for real. However, it's got a significantly higher sales rank than Pretty Hate Machine, and you can definitely add it to your cart. Also note that the price listed is 35.99GBP (67.3974USD), before shipping and any tax.

Here comes the linkage. If you can complete an order, and you do get a copy, drop us a line. If you can complete an order, and the sales department (or Trent Reznor on a zipline) slaps the order out of your hands, drop us a line.

Thanks to everyone who has been repeatedly pointing this out, and specifically Christoffer for pointing it out today.