Saturday April 2, 2005

With Teeth press kit - two videos, upcoming features

We've got some really nice scans of the press pamphlet that got put out very recently, thanks to October Midnight. Given that the only tour dates listed are for Canada, this appears to be from Interscope's Canadian division. Without further delay:

Go for adds on the first single, "The Hand That Feeds" on March 22. Immediate reaction everywhere.

There will be two videos for the first single, "The Hand That Feeds."
Video 1 - will be a more straightforward performance piece to be utilized on every video outlet
Video 2 - will be an underground, provocative video shot by GNN, the same company that delivered Eminem's "Mosh."

Promo Sheet Scans
Outside ScanInside Scan
  • Spin - May
  • Revolver - July
  • Remix - June
  • Metal Edge - June
  • Fader - June
  • Features in Rolling Stone
  • Chart - May
  • And Filter
  • More to Come

    Street poster campaign in Selected Markets
    NIN Logo Stencil Campaign


    Chart - April/Exclaim - April/Vice (2 Pg. Spread) - April

    Radio promotions in selected markets across the country bringing in winners to see sold out Toronto show.

    Media player available, featuring an exclusive preview and music video.
    Major online campaign hitting all rock and alternative sites and communities

    May 9 - Toronto - Sold Out / May 10 - Toronto - Sold Out

    Coming Soon Banners
    Hand Stamps