Saturday April 2, 2005

Midnight at the Astoria

As you're probably aware, Nine Inch Nails just blew the roof off of the Astoria in London - not once, but twice in a row! Thanks to the miracle of the internets, you can read all about the show, and thanks to the miracle of the Astoria allowing cameras, you can see some pretty cool pictures!

Maggie's killer front-row pictures
Some amazing front row pictures from the 30th
Some amazing balcony pictures from the 31st
ETS Mar 30th Tour Journal
ETS Mar 31st Tour Journal
BSF Mar 30th Tour Journal
BSF Mar 31st Tour Journal
Review in the Times
Review in the Guardian
Short NME Review

In other UK news, Mr. Reznor is scheduled to appear on the Radio 1 Rock Show on April 5th. A live stream (as well as a show archive, should you miss the airdate) is available from the BBC.

Thanks to Maggie, techiebabe, tdickin, Christo, and everyone who takes their time to post in online tour journals!