Tuesday November 23, 2004

The Downward Spiral Deluxe and Dualdisc US Release

Today is the American release date for the 5.1 remixes of The Downward Spiral. People have been reporting that most large retail outlets have stocked only two copies of the Dualdisc version, while the SACD "Deluxe Edition" is far more prevalent. Circuit City in York, PA is down to one copy of the Deluxe now :p The average retail sale price of the Dualdisc is about $14.00, with the Deluxe Edition going for around $20, with Best Buy appearing to be the cheapest place to pick the albums up.

The DVD appears to be region-free, so if you're outside the states and are looking to get this imported, I say go for it. UK shoppers, Towerrecords.co.uk has the Dualdisc for 8.87 and the SACD 'Deluxe Edition' for 13.86.