Saturday November 20, 2004

Downward Spiral Dualdisc Details - Updated

A viewer named Becky works at a record store, and got a copy of the dualdisc version of The Downward Spiral. The DVD has a body of work section, which lists all the releases to date, plus artwork and clips for the non-TVT releases, as well as video clips for the listings of Closure and AATCHB.

Becky writes, the gallery is really full of beautiful photos that look like original "finalist" pieces for the initial release 10 years ago. it's a great package, that sounds incredible in surround sound.

Also, Ninjaw from France has a copy of the Dualdisc (the French NIN fanclub has a history of getting US releases before the US), and will undoubtedly be sharing more information when he has better facilities to do so. We should know shortly if the DVD is region free or not.

NinJaw has posted photos of the fan club meet up and mass purchasing of the DualDisc, on this thread in Echoing the Sound. If you are on dial-up, beware, as they are massive pictures, and will take a while to download.

On a related note, Ben followed a link from Interscope Records' website to tds.nin.com, which went live tonite with sound clips, artwork, desktops, wallpapers, and information on a future contest. Very nice!

Finally, for this update, it looks like Blabbermouth got a press release about the Deluxe Edition release. Most of it is stuff we've heard already, except the part about the "28-page booklet filled with photos and graphics." There's also a quote from Reznor about how The Downward Spiral lends itself to a surround format.

I feel so out of the loop! Anyway, we'll post more info as we get it.