Wednesday November 17, 2004

Where'd Keith Hillebrandt go?

He's in California, keeping busy, folks. You may remember some time ago we posted about him doing sample work with Jerome Dillon... well, these have finally been released in a two-volume set of sounds in WAV format and Recycle REX format. Available directly from Sony (who recently purchased the audio software division of Sonic Foundry), get Volume 1 here , and Volume 2 can be found here. Each library is available for $79.00.

In addition to those new sounds, Keith's worked on some original music. Entitled Magdalene's Dream, the album features music written and performed by Keith Hillebrandt, with vocals and lyrics by Lana Lokteff. Decorated with soundscapes reminiscent of Useful Noise, Magdelene's Dream is a more straightforward electronic album, with thirteen tracks of dance music, that will appeal especially to gearheads with an ear for synthesis.

There are samples of the music, backstory, graphics, but absolutely no photos of the notoriously camera shy Hillebrandt to be found at their official website, along with a forum to banter with other fans of the work.

Magdelene's Dream is available for $15.98 at Amazon.com, but you'd be silly to buy there when you can get it direct from Piggyback Records for $10.99. That's including shipping (in the US, I assume.)

If that's still not cheap enough for you, I've got a copy sent to me, quite courteously of Piggyback Records. Not one to hoard swag, I'm willing to give it to someone who gives me a pretty good reason. "I don't have the money" does not count. Do you have any songs you've created with the (very nice) Useful Noise sample discs? Are you stalking Keith? Are you a Keith Hillebrandt imposter, using your fake NIN credentials to get free booze and remix U2 songs with Trent Reznor? Send an email to theninhotline@gmail.com with a story or a reason or a song that shows that you MUST have a copy of this disc. You might just win a copy! (As usual, we don't sell your emails or put you on mailing lists or any of that crap. Do you see any banner ads on this site? You know we love you, baby.)