Monday November 15, 2004

Jhonn Balance has Died

On the evening of Saturday, November 13th, Jhonn Balance of Coil died. Details can be found at Threshold House. Though my only encounter with Balance was receiving an email from him through the Analogue Heaven mailing list, his remix work with Nine Inch Nails played a pretty big part in me becoming such a fan.

Coil were signed to Nothing Records, but due to some rumored Interscope cock-blocking, never released any albums on the label. Coil contributed many remixes to the Nine Inch Nails discography, including the Fixed remix of Gave Up, Closer (Precursor) (which is seeing a remastered release with the Deluxe Edition of The Downward Spiral, and was the theme song for the movie Se7en), The Downward Spiral (the bottom), and several other tracks on Further Down the Spiral.

I was a big fan of Balance's work, and am sad to hear he is gone.