Saturday November 13, 2004

More on The Downward Spiral Deluxe Edition

This month's issue of Rolling Stone features an ad for the Deluxe Edition of The Downward Spiral, which joanowl scanned and posted on Echoing the Sound. While there's really no new information (save for the picture of the 2CD set) I know some people like to collect this kind of stuff.

In related news, non-US release dates are all over the map. No one really has a solid date. Acid Pits checked the UK shops for Amazon, Woolworths, HMV, and Tower Records, and the release dates listed include November 22, December 6, and January 22. If you're not in the US, just go with the January 22nd release date, and if something comes out sooner, you'll be that much happier for it.

Unhappy are those abroad who do not have SACD players, however, as we've learned that the DualDisc format, featuring DVD-A on one side, and CD on the other, is being test marketed by Universal, only in the United States. At the moment. So, if you live outside of the US and you do not have an SACD player, but still want to hear TDS in 5.1, you can probably import the DualDisc version for nearly the same cost as the SACD version.