Tuesday November 9, 2004

And now the Dualdisc, DVD-A version...

Amazon.com is now taking pre-orders for the Downward Spiral DVD-A, at about half the price of the 2-disc SACD version. Keep in mind, the DVD-A dualdisc is a two-sided optical media format - one side plays in your DVD player, the other side in a regular CD player.

Both the DVD-A and SACD versions of The Downward Spiral have been remastered and remixed in to 5.1 surround sound. The SACD comes bundled with a bonus disc with highlighted b-sides and remixes of songs from The Downward Spiral, along with never before released demo versions of a handful of tracks. The DVD-A has a number of videos and image galleries. More information can be found on the nine inch nails website.

These new releases of The Downward Spiral are available in the US in two weeks. k. wrote in from Belgium to mention that the according to a record store in Belgium, that country's release is slated for Monday, November 22nd. In the past, most stores receive those shipments on Friday, and usually sell them through the weekend.

Ries points out that amazon.de lists the German SACD release date as being December 6th, also a Monday.

We'll be happy to hear about your non-American shopping experiences in search of The Downward Spiral deluxe edition.

Thanks for the news, Ryan!