Tuesday November 2, 2004

Psst, Americans, GO VOTE.

Don't forget your picture ID. In fact, bring several forms of ID. If you have your voter registration card, bring that too. Don't take any crap, either. I'm not going to insult you by telling you who to vote for, but please make an informed choice.

If anything, put a vote in because my vote may not count. When I moved last month, and changed my address with PennDOT, I had them notify the election Registration Bureau. When I got my new voter registration card for Dauphin County last week, not only had my name been altered, but my party affiliation had also been changed. I couldn't fix them either, because my registration card arrived the day after the books closed. Living in a swing state sure is cool!

Go see what kind of fun you can experience at your local voting location. The lines are probably going to be long, so pack a lunch and bring a book. If you encounter anything fishy, call 1-866-OUR-VOTE.