Wednesday March 10, 2004

Reznor + Ogilvie = Jakalope

Apologies to Jordan/Daylight for stealing your headline. We got a lot of email about this Chartattack article, which goes on about Dave Ogilvie's project Jakalope. In brief, Dave Ogilvie and Anthony Valcic (whose names you no doubt recognize if you're a Skinny Puppy fan) are working with the three Dons from The Sons of Freedom, singer Katie B., and a host of guests for the June release of a Jackalope full length on Orange Records out of Toronto.

From the article, While the permanent Jackalope line-up is pretty juicy on its own, its the guest stars theyve recruited for their debut album that will really make they industrial types drool. Ogilvie called in favours from many of his past collaborators who were all happy to join in the Jackalope fun. The mighty Trent Reznor produced, wrote and played on various tracks for the album and Monster Magnet, Jamey Koch (a.k.a. Bob Rock) and S.N.F.U. have also stepped in. Jackalope are still in studio working on the album and Babes In Toylands Kat Bjelland and members of 12 Rounds and Sikth are also expected to lay down some tracks with the band.

The single is due out in April.