Thursday January 29, 2004

Tapeworm, Coachella, Danny Lohner

We received several emails regarding this month's Tool Newsletter, where Blair (perhaps jokingly) quipped:

There are other things I plan on delving into next month, including the possible HellBoy or Doom 3 movie/sound track, the Carey/Claypool/Belew project, the status of "Tapeworm", the glossy little square on the Salival cd/dvd booklet and the symbolic meaning of the lower case i on MJK's forehead in an old band photo.

Next up, Danny Lohner and Wes Borland did an interview with Kerrang! magazine. You can read the full text of the interview (and further comments) at Echoing the Sound.

Now, we've been hearing rumors about Nine Inch Nails playing the Coachella Festival out west. Every year Coachella comes around, every single band of any worth is rumored to be playing, thus we don't really give these rumors any creedence. We don't really give much thought to what DJs say about Nine Inch Nails either, since more often than not, they don't know what they're talking about (nothing personal, if you're a radio personality) and they never tend to cite their sources, but since there's no news, I thought I'd add this.

A few people have reported that the San Diego, CA station FM949 has told someone that NIN is actually playing Coachella. If you have a second, and want to join in some fun, why don't you email and ask them where they heard it from, and get back to us about it. The '04 Coachella Festival, by the by, is May 1 & 2, 2004.