Thursday January 22, 2004

New Telefon Tel Aviv Single on iTunes, album out soon!

We've been a little slack in keeping up with Telefon Tel Aviv lately, but that doesn't mean we have any less love for them. Due out January 27th, Map of What Is Effortless is their new album available through Hefty Records. It will be available on both CD and a 2xlp gatefold vinyl release.

If you are not already familiar with Telefon Tel Aviv, they have done remix work and sound design for Nine Inch Nails on Things Falling Apart, assisted in remixing A Perfect Circle, released their full-length debut Fahrenheit Fair Enough to great critical success.

The new single from the album, My Week Beats your Year, is now available through iTunes on the cheap, and I can only recommend you check them out. You can pre-order Map of What Is Effortless on HeftyRecords.com, where vinyl copie of the My Week Beats your Year single is also available - limited to 200 copies, initialed by the band. We'll be posting more about the new album soon, so keep checking back as we get more!

**edit** Would you look at that, I spent entirely too much time writing that up. I've already been scooped!