Thursday January 22, 2004

New Tweaker Pics Posted at Tweaker.net

In anticipation of the April 20 release of the new album by Tweaker, 2am wake-up call, new promo photos of Chris Vrenna and Clint Walsh have been posted on the tweaker message boards.

The new album has been mixed, mastered, and advance copies are being sent out for review in April/May issue music magazines, and for play on college radio. 2am wake-up call features guest appearances by David Sylvian, Mellowdrone, Jennifer Charles, Will Oldham, and Robert Smith.

Speaking of his work on the moody, shuffling track Pure Genius, David Sylvian had this to say:

"I was surprised by the number of people who commented enthusiastically on the collaboration between Chris and I first time around. I believe 'Linoleum' worked well but I personally feel happier with this, our second joint composition.

Chris was generous enough to allow me the pick of the album when it came to which track I'd like to work with. I loved the feel of this particular track, the strut and swing of the rhythm, the odd time signature. It set a narrative running in my mind.

The internal, self-delusional, dialogue of a bedroom genius which I felt lent itself to Chris' working title for the project."

Chris Vrenna played with Nine Inch Nails from their inception up until a few years ago, when he split off to continue working on his own music and becoming a prolific remix artist. The full length album 2am wake-up call is being released through Waxploitation Records on 4/20/2004. An instrumental version of the song Ruby is available on the signed and limited edition of The Xiaolin Showdown 7" vinyl release. The album version of Ruby has Will Oldham performing vocal duties. Will was also on the first tweaker album, the attraction to all things uncertain, singing Happy Child.