Monday January 19, 2004

More tour RUMORS. I repeat, RUMORS.

I'm only posting this because there are enough of them now that it's a little interesting, and even if they don't come through, it's nice to pretend, right?

The first rumor we heard was that Nine Inch Nails might be playing the Agora Ballroom in Cleveland, sometime in February. Looking at the calendar now, it appears that this is unlikely. Keep that in mind considering the next couple of notes.

We got an email saying that NIN might be touring very soon, and that they would be playing in "Ottawa, ON, Canada on Feb. 24th." That's all we know about that.

And we've received two unrelated emails about a NIN playing in Vegas. Specifically, "I hear rumours going around that Trent is having a gig at some shitty little club in Las Vegas Nevada on the 23rd of January. He has a room booked for him at Cesars' Palace as well."

If you happen to have any more information on the origin of these rumors, and could help us clear things up, that would be great. However, as far as I'm concerned at this point, these things are not happening, and are strictly rumor.