Friday January 16, 2004

More projects for Danny

According to Cinescape, Danny Lohner has helped former NIN keyboardist Charlie Clouser out recently on the soundtrack for the movie Saw.
From Cinescape:
Earlier this week the news broke about a horror film titled SAW that had been picked up for distribution by Lions Gate Films. Now comes a scoop from an anonymous sender concerning the film's soundtrack and its connection to alternative industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails. The scooper tells us that the score for SAW was composed and performed by Charlie Clouser. Clouser contributed a cut to last year's UNDERWORLD soundtrack and David Lynch's LOST HIGHWAY soundtrack. The SAW soundtrack also will reportedly feature Helmet's Page Hamilton and another member of NIN, Danny Lohner, on guitars. Thanks to Jesse and Gareth.

Lohner tells TNH that "Saw is cool and has a psychological thriller vibe." In addition to Saw Danny has lent his talents to the Underworld OST and the upcoming Hellboy. So make sure you check out all these flicks!

Also on the horizon look for Danny Lohner to contribute to remixes for APC and begin more work with friend Wes Borland for Rob Zombie's next album. We'll keep you up to date on these and any NIN musician-related projects.