Saturday November 22, 2003


Here's a nice little write-up I stole from the nine inch nails forum at digital noise, as typed up by aronmorris.

    ...In the upcoming issue of Alternative Press Magazine (the 25 most anticipated artists of 2004) which hits stands the first week of December, one of the artists/albums covered is NIN. The report states the overall vibe and sound of the record and lists some of the people that are involved in the production such as Rick Rubin, Atticus Ross, and Leo Herrera. The official album title is "BLEEDTHROUGH."

    There are three song titles also mentioned. Another point worth noting is that Trent is quoted as saying that he is fed up with the perfected quality of computer-produced music (specifically the use of ProTools software) and that this record was done with alternate methods. There is no specific release date mentioned.

Some people called bullshit on this, but it's been pointed out by several others that bleedthrough.net has been registered to Nothing since May of this year.

The song titles listed in the article are "MY DEAD FRIEND," "EVERYDAY IS EXACTLY THE SAME," and "THE LINE BEGINS TO BLUR." Subscribers to Alternative Press will receive this issue next week, and the issue should be on newstands the following week.

In addition, several people have written in to note that amongst the LeGuin quotes that appeared on July 4th (before the background colors, well, bled through) was this:

III. Time and causality paradoxes:

- retro-psychokinesis, or turning causality on its head
- precognition versus remote viewing "bleed-through": what does it tell us about the nature of time?
- the transactional interpretation and other "solutions" to the quantum puzzle
- Barbour, Deutch and the vision of a frozen masterpiece: if time is illusory, what is the meaning of action?

As usual, we'll post more news as it comes in, and do our best to keep the illegitimate stuff out. In the meantime, conjecture is flying in the forums at Echoing the Sound and Digital Noise, not to mention Burning Souls. Meanwhile, at Perfect Isolation, sarcasm, as usual, is being flung faster than feces in a monkey cage. (thx tpd)

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