Tuesday November 4, 2003

No Closure DVD on December 31 this year either.

Every year, people report about a December 31st release date for the Closure DVD. This is a remnant of an old inventory database that's been persistent through several buyouts of warehouse companies - simply put, a few years ago when a DVD was being produced without the band's knowledge or input, some companies listed it as available for pre-order. One inventory company had a policy of listing To-Be-Announced releases internally with a date of 12/31 (with no year listed). This company got bought out, and their database persisted with several releases having 12/31 release dates. So every year, we get emails about a December 31st release date for the Closure DVD.

Have you voted for the NIN Hotline yet? Because we just got word from someone who was lucky enough to catch the A Perfect Circle dress rehearsal in Los Angeles. Having bumped into Danny Lohner, he asked what's been going on in the Nothing camp. As we heard before, TapeWorm is all but finished, and is only being stalled by legal bullshit between Record Labels. (Perhaps it's time to start a letter-writing campaign?) The new Nine Inch Nails album is also well on it's way, as we've heard. In the "Did he just say that?" department, on the other hand... Trent has also been busy working on and perfecting the Closure DVD. So stick that in your pipe and smoke it.