Wednesday September 24, 2003

Waxploitation to release limited edition video game 7

On Monday, September 29th at Noon (PST), Waxploitation Records will release a limited edition vinyl split 7” featuring two songs produced for the video games Enter The Matrix and American McGee’s Alice. It will be exclusively available online at the Waxploitation store (

Side A features a previously unavailable CHRIS VRENNA (aka TWEAKER) remix of “Wonderland Woods” from the score to the cult classic American McGee’s Alice. Side B features the original song “Take The Pill” from the blockbuster Enter The Matrix, produced and composed by Vrenna.

American McGee and Chris Vrenna will sign and number the first pressing (500 copies). The album cover was specially designed by American McGee exclusively for the release.

In addition to his current recording incarnation TWEAKER, Vrenna was one of the founding members of Nine Inch Nails.

Vrenna has produced and composed music for video games including Enter The Matrix, American McGee’s Alice, Quake (as a member of NIN), as well as the upcoming Area 51 title for Midway.