Wednesday September 24, 2003

Danny Lohner Talks Tapeworm, etc

Danny Lohner, who appears to be the official NIN spokesperson of late, talks about the Underworld soundtrack and a little about Tapeworm in the latest issue of Kerrang! magazine.

"Trent Reznor is like my mentor. I don't compete with him. He's on a another level when it comes to things like that."
Danny Lohner, longtime bassist/guitarist/programmer with Nine Inch Nails, is aware that he's got a lot to live up to. NIN mainman Reznor famously revolutionised the art of movie soundtracks with his groundbreaking work on Oliver Stone's
Natural Born Killers and David Lynch's Lost Highway. Now Lohner has followed in Reznor's footsteps and put together the soundtrack to acclaimed Brit vampire flick Underworld.

It's been suggested that much of the music on the Underworld soundtrack was originally written for Lohner's Tapeworm project, the semi-mythical supergroup that has, in five or so years since its inception, featured contributions from Reznor, A Perfect Circle/Tool frontman Maynard Keenan and Pantera's Phil Anselmo. Lohner insists that Tapeworm remains a separate entity – it currently features himself, Reznor, Keenan and former 12 Rounds drummer Atticus Ross – although he admits his frustration that it has never seen the light of day.
"I know, man, it's a joke," he sighs. "It's painfully close to being finished. We've got a whole Tapeworm album ready to mix. What happens is that we do the songs, then everybody has to go off and do their own thing. We actually got to a point during the last Tool tour, where we were all really focused, and we were planning to get the record out by Christmas 2002. Then we got into some legal scenario – Maynard was signed to one label, Trent to another, blah blah blah to cut a long story short we ended up shelving it yet again."
With Tapeworm still on hold, Lohner is gearing up to start work on the long-awaited follow up to Nine Inch Nails' 1999 masterpiece
The Fragile ("I just spoke to Trent the other day," he says. "I'm going down to New Orleans to catch up with him and see where it's at.") And he's not ruling out hooking up with Messrs Borland and Patrick again.
"I'd love to work with Wes and Rich in the future," he says. "I'd love to get in a van and tour the country, just like the old days. Play the clubs that we played when we were coming up. That'd be cool."

Thanks to Matildauk for transcribing the article and sending it in.