Thursday September 11, 2003

Lots o' Lohner

Void99 heard an interview with Danny Lohner just a few hours ago on 99X (99.7 FM)in Atlanta.

TNH has learned that more radio interviews with Danny Lohner, Richard Patrick and Wes Borland will be aired on Friday 9/12: (We've tried to link those stations with streaming on-air broadcasts.)
10:15AM KISS San Antonio Chuck Stanley
10:30AM KSJO San Francisco Sloppy Joe
10:45AM WIYY Baltimore Stash
11:00AM KXTE Vegas Homie & Hambone
11:15AM KEDJ Phoenix Robin Nash
11:30AM WEBN Cincinnati The Dude
11:45AM KBPI Denver AT
12:00PM WZTA Miami Dina Lang
12:15PM WBRU Providence Lucas
12:30PM United Stations (hardDrive/Launch) Roxy Myzal
12:45PM United Stations (hardDrive/Launch)
1:00PM United Stations (hardDrive/Launch)
If time permits--- WYSP Philadelphia towards end of day.

Danny Lohner is most recently credited with producing and performing on the soundtrack for the upcoming movie Underworld.

Billboard will have an interview on or about September 28th.