Thursday September 11, 2003

Smear yoghurt on your Nine Inch Nails CDs.

Kleptonin discovered this article on about applying fungus to your CDs as a sort of biological, nanoscale-level audio reprocessing effect. The good Doctor Cameron Jones says:

"I often change CDs when my hands are wet with beer," he told the British weekly. "One night I must have changed the CDs, touched the data surface, then left them for use on another night."

The following week, he put on a CD by Nine Inch Nails and found that it would not play properly because fungus had grown on it.

But the fungus had not ruined the disc. The original audio sequence was there, but it would sometimes change in pitch and there were small staccato noises in the background

Not convinced? Listen for yourself. Dr Jones applied aluminium zirconium tetrachlorohydrex - glycine complex to his copy of And All That Could Have Been. I haven't heard it myself yet, being at work, but you can download RealAudio and MP3 clips of the result. And if that's not relative enough for you, there's even a picture on that page from an article about Jones' project that shows him holding a CDR with his mucked up recording of Hurt from AATCHB on it. Get 'im, RIAA!!