Wednesday July 2, 2003

APC News

Is NIN's Danny Lohner no longer in A Perfect Circle? We're not sure, but a few readers sent in this news. Take it for what it's worth.

From Undercover:James Iha Joins A Perfect Circle

It appears the line-up for A Perfect Circle has changed once again. Former Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha looks set to join the band. According to Undercover's secret agent Double Oh Behave in Los Angeles, Iha, who has remained relatively low-key since the breakup of Smashing Pumpkins became "suddenly available" just as A Perfect Circle were about to audition guitarists. Auditions that were to take place this week for APC have been cancelled. Smashing Pumkins broke up in December 2000 and frontman Billy Corgan went on to form Zwan. For Zwan he pouched APC's bass player Paz Lechantin. A Perfect Circle were formed by Billy Howerdal, the former guitar tech for Smashing Pumpkins. A Perfect Circle have already finished their second album. 'The Outsider', the first single from the album will be released in August.

As indicated earlier in this post... nothing is concrete. There is also conflicting news concerning the first single at APC.org. Stay tuned and we will keep posting whatever links are sent our way. Thanks to KainZilla.