Saturday May 31, 2003

Release date for new Tweaker album

According to Chris Vrenna's management, Waxploitation, as posted on the official Tweaker forums, we can expect to see a new Tweaker album in the USA on Tuesday, January 6, 2004. Apparently things are in the home stretch, with vocals being cut for the tracks in the month of June, more than half the album featuring vocals (by 1 female and four male singers confirmed at this stage) The album will again feature cover artwork by Joe Sorren.

Keep your eye out in the near future for a collaboration between Waxploitation and Invisible Records in the form of a limited edition Tweaker vs. Pigface 4 song CD which will include Pigface "Mind Your Own Business" (Chris Vrenna remix) and Tweaker f/ David Sylvian "Linoleum" (Martin Atkins remix...Plus the originals of the two songs.

Also keep an eye out for the up and coming Tweaker DVD, which is going to be chock full of Tweaker-related goodies. As we get more information, we'll post it here, just like always.