Monday May 26, 2003

Vote for NIN

MTV2 will be airing a show this coming Fall on the 22 Greatest CD's. NIN's Pretty Hate Machine is listed as a choice. Get your vote in here!

From Mtv:
Everyone has a CD that changed their life. From Eminem to Nirvana to Tupac to U2, a list of the 22 Greatest CDs is almost impossible for us to compile. That's why we need your help. We're asking YOU to pick the 22 greatest CDs of the past two decades, going all the way back to when they first hit stores in 1984. We're counting down to the number one compact disc as selected by you. It's your chance to be heard as part of MTV2 Presents 22 Greatest: CD's, the countdown where your vote counts.

Thanks to all those who submitted this news.