Wednesday May 14, 2003

Vote for NIN as Best Live Show in Rolling Stone poll

Randomlyodd let us know that at this RollingStone.com page you can vote for your favorite live performer:

Who puts on the greatest live show? The editors at Rolling Stone came up with a list of 100 great live performers who are currently touring or have toured within the last two years. It's your job to select the ONE act who puts on the best live show -- and if you don't see your choice listed, feel free to type it in below. The results will be featured in an upcoming issue of Rolling Stone.

Naturally, you should vote for whoever you want, but I wouldn't be posting this here unless I wanted you to vote for Nine Inch Nails. That is, of course, unless you'd like New Found Glory to win out... Anyhow, tell your friends, and help us out in our quest to have NIN win this one.