Monday April 28, 2003

Nine Inch Nails on iTunes 4

There has been much buzz about the internet lately regarding Apple's new iTunes4, which features Apple's iTunes Music Store built in. Mr. Tangent wrote in with a bunch of related bits about Nine Inch Nails and the new service.

I was using the new iTunes 4, which has Apple's Music service built in and searched for NIN. It appears NIN's entire discography is available for high resolution AAC/mpeg4 (think mp3, but higher resolution and lower file size) download. The nice thing, before you decide to purchase a song ($.99c and you're able to burn it, copy it to your iPod) or album ($9.99) you can listen to high quality 30 second previews of each song directly within iTunes. When you buy the music you also get the album artwork. I haven't tried purchasing any music yet, but the service seems really nifty. It's nice to have an alternative to all the P2P apps, since downloading music without paying for it is theft and hurts the musicians.

Check out this screenshot he sent along, with search results for Nine Inch Nails. Not too shabby. Along these lines, Mr. T also noted that Fortune Magazine is running this article on the story behind iTunes and Apple's legal digital music downloads, which quotes Trent a couple of times on the topic.