Sunday April 27, 2003

Trent on MTVs Top 25 Video Artists

This weekend, MTV aired The 25 Greatest Video Stars (or something to that effect) Apparently this was something we could have voted on, but no one told us, so we didn't tell you. Even without our usually rallying cry, to the polls, Trent came in #19. The rest of the list? Oh, that's merely consequential. During the show, they have a recent interview with Trent, pictured here thanks to violent_n_delicious' posts on Echoing the Sound. There are several larger shots, and, well, an ongoing discussion about his hair, in this particular thread on the board.

Trent82 helps us out with the dialogue for the clip:

Trent: "I don't really know what a video star means and I certainly don't feel like a video star."

Dave Grohl: "The videos mirror the twisted side of the music."

A crappy video director who's name I don't remember: "nine inch nails was a group that dared to go very dark."

Trent: "It's tough being scary all the time."

Good Charlotte: "The video for Closer is just so one of a kind. There will never be another video like Closer."

Dave Grohl talking about Closer: "You couldn't help but want to watch it...even if it made you feel kinda dirty."

Trent talking about Closer: "I thought it worked really well because it wasn't literal and it made the song sound better to me. It framed the song. The problem with making a really good video is that now you have to make another really good video. I think as an artist its important to take chances and try new things. Its nice to feel that we may have made some marks or made some strides presenting ourselves in this medium effectively."

MTV will re-air the segment tomorrow at 3pm EST.