Thursday April 17, 2003

NIN Historian Site Total Revamp

Yow! You may recall that just recently we started hosting The NIN Historian's site. Well, on Tuesday, the site underwent major reconstruction, and I recommend you all check it out and have a look around - even if you've already been there. Excellent work by NIN_Historian! Keep in mind, this site is rather bandwidth intensive, with lots of scans of tour related memorabilia, and is not particularly modem-friendly. Cable, DSL or faster connection speeds are recommended.

As a side note; we have another very large addition to the Hotline coming up - one of my personal favorite fan sites that had recently closed down: the webmaster was cool enough to send the whole thing on CDR to me and I'll be posting it shortly after I get the new Keith Hillebrandt interview/Useful Noise v2 Review online.