Tuesday April 1, 2003

Fools, it's the first of April!

Okay, okay. Let's set the record straight on a few things before the day is done:

1) Evan Moore did not join the Hotline. He's really busy right now, probably with more important things, otherwise he'd be updating SLSNews right now.

2) No, Jared did not help with a Hotline redesign. That was a scrapped redesign option I had, with a custom made April Fools header mimicking the SLS look. A little too well, by some of your congratulatory emails ;)

3) Trent is not playing with Prick in Cleveland this weekend. Prick is playing in Cleveland, and a bunch of digital noise folks are going to see the show though. If you bought tickets thanks to this gag, you can go beat up Azroth in person, he suggested that one.

4) Disrepare was a forced typo for Disrepair, which really doesn't have anything to do with Nine Inch Nails save for being a lyric in Deep, so far as we know. I didn't intend for people to think that the next NIN album was going to be in French.

5) Charlie Clouser may live in LA, but he had nothing to do with the new Radiohead album, ironically titled Hail To The Theif, of which an early version was leaked to the Internet this past weekend, two months ahead of the actual release.

6) The CSI News is legit, although I'm not sure why Josh said that two nights ago was April 2nd. That goes far beyond time zone leaps.

Meathead sums it up pretty well at the bottom of his current meathead perspective: "Note: We need real NIN news. Bad."