Monday March 31, 2003

Evan Moore abandons SLS to join NIN Hotline team

After neerly a year of not updating SLS News, and having to dump the SLS News BBS Board because of financial woahs, I have joined forces with the NIN Hotline to help prepare for the influx of news about the new NIN album Disrepare, which good friend Kraw tells me already has artwork and merchandice options laid out and with the final mixdown is in the works.

I also brought the old SLS graphics designer, Jared, to help with the new look, combining the best of both worlds of the hotline and SLSNews. Look for more changes this week, coming soon!!!

Also, Trent is appeering live with my good buddy Kevin McMahon for a Prick show in Cleveland this weekend. I wish I could make it to the show, but I have a lot of email I have to cach up on, and cannot really aford the drive to Ohio :(

Finaly, the latest album by Radiohead was leeked this weekend. Since this has happened, we can tell you now that the tracks Backdrafts and Mixmoatis actually were mixed by Charlie Closer while the band was recording in LA.