Saturday March 1, 2003

Trent Reznor interview at Playboy.com

Actually, it's not necessarily a new interview, but you can check it out nonetheless at this URL, as things warm up towards Mardi Gras. Playboy offline, however, has some new information (and some stock promo photos) with a more recent chat with Trent. dandamar was kind enough to type this up:

Doom III finds Nine Inch Nails' front man and Id Software's John Carmack paired up to create what could be the most anticipated video game in history. Just don't hold your breath - according to Id Software, the
game's official release date is "when it's done." We tracked down Reznor to ask, "Are we there yet?"

Playboy: How is work on Doom III doing?
Reznor: It's difficult. Albums and movies move from point A to point B. Video games are harder because the player changes the pace. We end up spending many hours testing how the music sounds in each of the

Playboy: What do you think of the game so far?
Reznor: Doom III is complex and different. It has narrative, which has never been much of a consideration or strength for Id. John wanted to slow the pace and increase the immersion. I was enthused that it wasn't all action and explosions like some Schwarzenegger movie. It's creepy and filled with tension and dread.

Playboy: What games have you played lately?
Reznor: I really like Ghost Recon and the other online console stuff. And Metroid Prime stole a week of my life.

That can be found on page 34 of the April 2003 Playboy magazine, if you're looking for the original clipping.