Wednesday June 12, 2002

More Reznor Comments On Doom III Sound

Deadpool5 has sent in a Doom III related article from USA Today with a small section on Trent Reznor's comments about working on the sound for the game.

"What made the original Doom such a landmark achievement was that you had never seen anything like that," says Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, a Doom fan. Several years ago, Reznor sent concert passes to the id gang. He ended up supplying music for Quake. Now, he's supervising all the sounds in Doom III.

Doom "was politically incorrect at the time," he says. "It was violent, it was exciting."

Reznor is taking the same detailed care with his haunting surround soundtrack. "I want to get across fear or dread or high anxiety — through the sound of the environment," he says. "It's like mixing sound in a real 3D environment. Sound behaves as it would in the real world."