Thursday June 6, 2002

Trent Interviews w/ Mobile Entertainment

Car Stereo Review's Mobile Entertainment website offers an interesting web exclusive interview with Trent Reznor regarding Nine Inch Nail's latest release: And All That Could Have Been.

The interview offers insight into various subjects including Trent's car and what he likes to listen to while driving. Other topics include background on the AATCHB DVD, recording music in DVD-A, and the following tidbit about a possible re-release of Closure in DVD format:

"METTLER: Will Closure make it onto DVD one of these days? [Closure, released on VHS in 1997, is a two-cassette set that features live and backstage footage from the Self Destruct tour as well as all of the NIN videos made through '97.]

REZNOR: I'm considering reformatting it and adding a commentary track to it, yes. That might be interesting."

...and this juicy tidbit regarding NIN in 5.1 material:

"In the aftermath of all that, Reznor, who just turned 37, is now considering recording an EP's worth of studio NIN material in 5.1."