Monday May 27, 2002

E3 Pics & more Doom III audio information

We've got a couple of photos here from folks who ran into Trent at the E3 expo we've been posting about all week. The picture on the left comes courtesy of Rob from superboredom, while the fellow on the right is MunchE from iz-us.com (extra points for both Aphex Twin and SomethingAwful references). Meanwhile, for those of us not lucky enough to have attended this years E3, there's still plenty of news rolling in about Doom 3, which seems to be the hottest game at the show. Gamespy has more information about Trent's work in the game than we've heard elsewhere. The article discusses how Reznor is not only working on the music for the game, but is taking the helm for overall sound design. There's plenty more to read in the article, so check it out. Thanks to Matt and Lucas for the links and to Rob for the photo!