Sunday May 26, 2002

Doom III Info and Music News

John Carmack, Doom III developer and ID software guru, has made another evolutionary leap forward in 3D engine development. Sound now behaves very similarly to how it would in the real world. It attempts to create a detailed sonic environment using very little (if any) traditional music – just soundscapes. This is almost all sound design, using tools never before available to an artist – it is the furthest thing from a rock song chugging along under the action. It’s a grand scale experiment in the science of what sounds evoke what reactions in people.

Word is that work on Tapeworm will resume this week. The artists equally involved in the project are Danny Lohner, Atticus Ross, Maynard and Trent Reznor. Demos for over 15 songs are completed and there's much excitement! Studio time is being arranged around Tool’s tour to finish the record. The hope is to finish the project by year's end.

More great news- We've heard the new NIN record is due by the end of the year too! If that's not enough fans can also look forward to another upcoming Reznor project. The exact nature of this project and those involved could not be revealed as of yet. Stay tuned!

Have a great Memorial weekend holiday to those 'Stateside'.