Wednesday May 22, 2002

Doom III trailer + Trent Reznor interview

It's been a great couple of days, bringing nothing but good news about the latest installment in my personal favorite game series. Jer, Matt from nineinchnothing.com, and Loyd LaCroix sent word that you can download the trailer for Doom 3 from a variety of places (3dgamers.com, shacknews.com (free registration req'd), bluesnews.com) but modem users beware - it's a 93 meg Quicktime download. Featuring clips from the actual game, we're also treated to snippets of Doom III's music and a commentary/interview with Trent Reznor. Jer writes, He discusses how he started playing the original Doom, not getting work done, the impact Doom had on him, and why he got involved with John Carmack and the rest of id Software to work on the new one. Keep in mind, this is the hot trailer at the moment, so no matter where you download it from, your download time's going to be pretty insane.

Oh, if you happen to be reading this from E3, keep an eye out, word on the street's that Trent's hanging out bearing an exhibitor's badge. Just another reason to check out the Activision/Doom3 booth. Just don't do anything stupid, right? ;)