Saturday, 11/12/22

VetsAid Live Stream tomorrow

Sunday, November 13, 2022, Nine Inch Nails is playing the VetsAid 2022 Benefit with James Gang and Joe Walsh in Columbus, OH. If you're not able to attend in person, you can watch the live stream by purchasing a ticket here: https://vetsaid.veeps.com/events/f2d6e78d-d48a-4892-9e5b-355db45079a3. Enjoy.
Tuesday, 10/04/22

New Meathead

You fucking heard me, there's a new meathead perspective.
Friday, 9/09/22

NIN Fan Day Sept 23 with live q and a at Rock Hall

From RockHall.com and Nine Inch Nails:

Nine Inch Nails Fan Day

Ahead of Nine Inch Nails’ one-night-only performance at Blossom Music Center, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame will host Nine Inch Nails Fan Day on Friday, September 23. The day will be highlighted by a 3 p.m. Rock Hall exclusive simulcast Q&A with 2020 Inductee Nine Inch Nails. Fans can view this simulcast for free on the Rock Hall’s Union Home Mortgage Plaza. A limited number of invites to view the Q&A in-person will be offered to members of Nine Inch Nails’ Discord community. Fans who can’t make it to Cleveland can subscribe to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame YouTube channel or visit NIN social media channels to view the livestream as it happens or to watch later. Additionally, a rebroadcast of the interview will premiere on SiriusXM’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Channel 310 at a later date.

Throughout the day, fans can:

  • view NIN artifacts and video on display in the Museum*

  • watch a “From the Vault” screening of the band’s 2020 Induction*

  • stop by the interactive exhibit, The Garage, to perform NIN songs with the Rock Hall house band*

  • purchase unique NIN and Rock Hall merchandise

  • hear the band’s iconic music played in heavy rotation at the Museum and on the Rock Boxes located along East 9th Street

  • take a selfie in front of our Long Live Rock art installation, which will be themed to celebrate NIN

*Fans interested in touring the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to view the NIN exhibit can purchase admission tickets onsite or in advance at rockhall.com.

For more information visit: rockhall.com.

Discuss the event and the stream on ets.org
Saturday, 6/18/22

Billy Howerdel brings Danny Lohner on tour

My first introduction to Billy Howerdel was over two decades ago, when it was announced that A Perfect Circle would be opening up for Nine Inch Nails on the Fragility tour. This new band famously featured Maynard James Keenan from Tool on vocal duty, along with Billy Howerdel on guitar - the two were roommates when they started working on what would become A Perfect Circle, and in very early live performances, Danny Lohner performed live with the band - although he soon rejoined Nine Inch Nails, and Paz Lenchantin recording taking up the bass.

Everyone's kept busy in the intervening years, but recently Billy dropped a new album, "What Normal Was", which Danny Lohner co-produced. He's taking the opportunity to tour while the weather's nice and COVID cases are low, he's put together a band to tour the US with material from this debut album being released under his name, with Danny on guitar, Nylo on keyboards, Greyson Nekrutman on drums, and Eliot Lorango on bass.

San Francisco Bay Area Concerts posted a review from the kickoff of the tour, and I love the point about this being the rare opportunity to see a band of this caliber in more intimate settings. There are dozens of upcoming shows - more details here - and it's a rare opportunity to catch Danny Lohner on stage. They're playing the Theater of the Living Arts in Philadelphia, for example - where I was fortunate enough to see A Perfect Circle perform when they toured for Thirteenth Step.

If you've been coming to this site long enough to remember us posting the initial announcement of APC opening for NIN, chances are you'll really enjoy seeing this crew up on stage, so check to see if they're playing near you and grab some GA tickets at the kind of prices you remember from 20 years ago - or go for a Meet & Greet package - Early entry into the venue, Exclusive meet & greet with Billy Howerdel, Personal photograph with Billy Howerdel, Q&A and autograph session, Specially designed Billy Howerdel tour shirt, Exclusive Billy Howerdel merchandise item, Official meet & greet laminate and On-site host. Which, now that I'm looking at that, is pretty great bang for the buck, at least in Philly anyway.

Thursday, 5/12/22

New Bad Hombre song featuring Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

The first single from SHIFT (Bad Hombre Vol. II) featuring Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross will be released Friday May 13th.

Listen to a clip here:

Discordance: The Nine Inch Nails discord server.

Discordance, the Nine Inch Nails discord server was launched April 28, 2022 in the hours before the first live nin shows of 2022. Since then, there has been a flurry of activity that includes interaction and news from the band themselves. In order to archive and preserve significant posts and media from band members and staff, we will be sharing these posts here on the nin hotline. We will rely on user posts in the discordance thread on echoing the sound (https://www.echoingthesound.org/community/threads/6492-nin-official-discord-server). We’re happy to shout out any one who helps in the preservation of this fleeting format.

If you are new discord and want to join the nin server, you will have to get verified. See the first post in the above thread for directions. Some highlights we’ve seen so far include Reznor himself inviting fans backstage for meet and greets complete with a photo souvenir by nin’s official creative KRAW. We’ve also learned that there are four scores in the pipe. The word “soon” is used a lot over there and we can’t help but hope that means new nine inch nails music is on the way.


Please note the following transcripts contain spoilers for the 2022 live shows that have happened.

Complied by Wulgaren

- trent’s username on discord is “i’m not from this world” he has a profile pic of sinistar - game by the same people as robotron

- atticus’ username is elevenfiftynine

- theres also john crawford and alessandro in the server

- kraw posted lots of pics of rehearsals as well as a video of aatchb and every day is exactly the same rehearsals (and the intro of somewhat damaged)

- trent said he loves moog matriarch

- trent said “mank vinyl come at me bro”

- atticus said they played monopoly on the bus

- atticus said that he likes all of 1000 gecs album

- there are gonna be giveaways on the server (looks like tickets for now)

Posted by cdm
Holy shit. Trez just popped in the channel bada bing bada boom @tricil going backstage.

A film Trent watched recently and loved is Titane. He says it’s “best to watch with no idea what it is”

Trent admits to being a fan of natural born killers (the movie)

The true lyrics for ISN’T EVERYONE are revealed by a mod

Shared by discordance community admin Rhys:
The official answer yesterday’s QOTD:

Compiled by bgalbraith

- back home after a grueling three date tour!
- Finish the show, get to the hotel @ 1AM, get up at 4AM for the airport.
- We have lots of scoring work to attend to, but I don't think tonight is going to be very productive...
- 4 films right now

Q: What would the score to this discord chat sound like?
TR: several 100 gecs songs playing at the same time overtop of each other.

Q: Trent do you find us annoying
TR: I find the so-far generally good natured chaos of discord preferable to a handful of people bitching and complaining on a bb
Monday, 2/07/22

There is a nin tour planned for 2022

NIN is playing a limited number of shows this spring and fall in the US. Tickets go on sale to the public this Friday.
Visit nin.com for ticket information.

nin tour 2022
Saturday, 8/28/21

QUAKE 25th Anniversary

Someone at Bethesda remembered that this was the 25th anniversary of Quake and said *"hey, let's remaster Quake just enough that it still feels like the original game but that it has some updated controls and options so that it's not too outdated." Someone agreed with them and so bam, we got a re-release along with some really neat options from Limited Run Games, including a really expensive ammo box with a blank space for you to put a clear, white-logo'ed NIN sticker over so you can recreate the nails ammo box from the game.

Funny story - I played Quake originally on my grandfather's PC via shareware, so I didn't actually listen to the soundtrack until many years later. My uncle had Queen's A Kind of Magic in the CD drive so the track that would kick in during the first level was "Princes of the Universe" from Highlander. It actually worked well. The rest of the album, not so much. I've been playing the remaster so it's good to finally play the game as intended with the right music and to actually play all four chapters. I'm missing the IDDQD cheat code, though. Someone should put that on a shirt.

*This is my own personal interpretation of what probably didn't happen but it makes sense to me.

So, a lot happened recently

I'm sitting here on Saturday morning sipping on coffee, breakfast burrito digesting with my dog cuddled next to me, on my feet, wait there she goes, now she's back, etc. and, most importantly, updating music onto my phone because while I have Spotify downloaded, nothing beats having actual digital music files taking up space on your computer (especially when they're .WAV files).

All of this will be old news that has made its way through our weird community but, because I'm a completionist (and because it's been a while since I've made an update), here's some recent news. Halsey's album is going to get its own post, BTW.

Let's start with some bad news - NIN had to cancel their 2021 performances due to greed, selfishness and short-sightedness from people who read way too much Facebook and are now injecting themselves with horse paste the ongoing Pandemic and the Delta variant (I still believe Delta Variant should be a drag queen name). Read about that on their Instagram.

However, there's this really awesome collaboration that Trent did with Danny Elfman in a remix of "True" from Danny's album, Big Mess. I just listened to it for the first time this morning and, damn, I love it. There are embeds below to watch/listen to on Youtube. I hid a link above so you can get it from Bandcamp as well.

Tuesday, 6/22/21

Hesitation Marks vinyl gets a repress

This week, record retailers around the US are showing Hesitation Marks on vinyl with a release date of June 25, 2021. You can pre-order over on Amazon for $31.95. I honestly couldn't tell you when it went out of print, if it went out of print, but I do know that record manufacturing is out of control right now, with manufacturing struggling to keep up with demand, leading to year-long wait times for getting a new record pressed. So when the official NIN store re-stocks on the definitive edition of With Teeth or Broken or the very excellent Watchmen Soundtrack, don't sleep on that!
Friday, 5/14/21

NIN live at Riot and Louder Than Life Festivals

It was announced today that Nine Inch Nails will perform at Riot and Louder Than Life Festivals in September.

Louder Than Life September 23-26, 2021

Riot Festival September 17-19, 2021
Thursday, 5/13/21

Writer Lizzy Goodman interviews Trent Reznor for her podcast Difficult Artists

Difficult Artists with Lizzy Goodman
from Audible.com:

Trent Reznor says he’s never listened to a podcast before, but he makes a great guest. In this wide ranging interview, Lizzy and Trent cover everything from MSNBC addiction to Tom Ford’s quarantine insights to the particular challenge and pleasure of scoring for animated films. They also talk about how Trent’s approach to songwriting has changed over time, as he’s evolved from a guy screaming into the void in private, to a guy screaming into the void in public, to a married, sober father of five going to the office every day to make some of the coolest, weirdest, most beautiful music of his career.

Listen to it on your favorite podcast platform or click here for audible.com
Friday, 5/07/21

Nine Inch Nails announce Cleveland shows Sept 21 + 23

nin in cleveland

From nin.com
Wednesday, 5/05/21
Saturday, 2/06/21

Snag a fan-made AIR flag enamel pin

Over on Instagram, Sweet Tooth Enamel is soliciting orders for a batch of 100 enamel pins he's made of the Art Is Resistance flag from Year Zero. It caught my attention when NotoriousTIMP shared his on the NIN subreddit. You can get one by dropping a message to Sweet Tooth Enamel via their Instagram, and according to that account, these may also be available at Revolver Records and Gutter Pop Comics, both located in Buffalo, NY.

The cost, shipped within the US, is $13. I've been really good about not buying things during COVID lockdown, but I made an exception for this, and I thought it looked good so I'm putting the word out. Photo credit: NotoriousTIMP.