Tuesday, 7/28/20

Trent and Atticus are one step closer to an Emmy

According to this PDF on the official website for the Emmys, music from the HBO Series Watchmen earned two nominations:

Outstanding Music Composition For A Limited Series, Movie Or Special(Original Dramatic Score): Watchmen β€’ It’s Summer And We’re Running Out Of Ice (note: in the event you have not had the opportunity to see this fantastic show, that's the title of the opening episode)

Outstanding Original Music And Lyrics: Watchmen β€’ This Extraordinary Being / Song Title: The Way It Used To Be (note: if this song hadn't been nominated, I'm not sure I would have bothered posting anything about the Emmys at all)

Does this mean TR & AR can take a break from doing the rounds in the press? Never! Will the acquisition of an Emmy have the kind of butterfly effect that finally fulfills the prophecy of old that Trent Reznor will write music for Fight Club: The Musical, opening the possibility of an EGOT for the man that a 1997 issue of Time Magazine named as one of the 25 Most Influential Americans? To be continued...
Friday, 7/24/20

TGIF - 135 Pages of NIN Press Clippings

Every Day Is Exactly The Same, am I right? l.o.l.

A while ago now - probably 2013, if my file metadata is correct - I spotted a pretty sweet eBay auction for a collection of press clippings related to Nine Inch Nails. Even longer ago, I had started archiving online articles into a searchable database after noticing that links in old backissues of this site were failing, but print articles still left a big gap, and this auction seemed like a pretty great opportunity to fill that gap. I still had ambition, and had some success with OCR in the past, with a little massaging - but it ended up going for more than I felt comfortable paying for.

Never one to give up, and only slightly hesitant about asking lame questions, I reached out to the seller about a couple of the articles I'd seen in the preview image - one was a really early interview I'd never seen before. I don't remember what I asked, and I'm having trouble finding the exchange, but I'm sure I asked something along the lines of, "Do you think you could send me a scan of the article in the photos on your ebay listng?"

Imagine my surprise and delight when in response, I was sent a 135 page PDF. Everything in the auction, in digital form. Oh, reader, I had big plans for this. I may have even manually entered one or two of these into the archive, but don't hold me to that. Instead, life came at me pretty fast, and having moved house three times since then, I think the traffic to this remnant of the weird web that is the NIN Hotline is now low enough that linking directly to this PDF won't completely clobber my Dropbox account - but if you click on this and get an error, just try again over the weekend.

NIN Press Collection

This link is to a 277MB PDF with 135 pages of press releases, magazine articles, and even a blank page or two, spanning from the very beginning of Nine Inch Nails up through Year Zero. I may have to take it down at some point, so if you're seeing this post - congratulations, I hope this helps pass some time during our pandemic lockdown civil unrest jackboot kidnapping motherfucker of a year.

Articles, full color promotional one-sheets, classic Nothing Records press releases, and as the art of the press release dies off, eventually we get to scans of printouts of unformatted MS Word docs - including a press release from Unviersal/Interscope with a link to Echoing the Sound that would have been an absolute bear to have to type in by hand.

Happy Pandemic Lockdown Friday, friends! Stay safe, don't go out unless you have to, and if you do go out, wear a mask, don't touch your face, and wash your damn hands.